5 Hidden Bradley Smoker Features That Will Make Your Life Easier

5 Hidden Bradley Smoker Features That Will Make Your Life Easier

Posted on: January 13, 2023

When it comes to fun, people love food smoking. It is one of the oldest cooking methods and is enjoyed with a certain feeling of harmony with friends, family, and local communities.

When it comes to fun, people love food smoking. It is one of the oldest cooking methods and is enjoyed with a certain feeling of harmony with friends, family, and local communities.

The traditional food smoking process takes long hours. In the end, you hope it was worth all of the time and effort with tender and juicy smoked meat.

What if you could enjoy the amazing flavor from smoking food with the simplicity of a food smoker you can just enjoy a no-hassle experience? The Bradley Smoker with the Bradley Bisquettes gives all the smoked flavor and aroma with the convenience of not having to babysit the food smoker.

From smoking briskets to chicken to fruits and vegetables, the Bradley Smoker does it all! It comes with all features that you need for a comfortable smoking experience in your own backyard.

Here we’ll show you the five hidden Bradley Smoker features that will give you amazingly delicious smoked food and make your life easier.

1. CleanSmoke Technology

Bradley’s CleanSmoke Technology ensures that the wood you use does not turn to ash. This is important because when the wood burns to ash, it releases chemicals that causes a foul odor and makes the smoked food taste bitter.

Bradley Bisquettes are specially designed using our secret process to give you consistent heat and smoke every time. Also, they automatically extinguish before they turn to ash so your smoked food tastes delicious every time.

Our CleanSmoke Technology gives you 100% pure smoke. This gives your fish, meat, and vegetables an appealing smoke taste and aroma to take your meals to the next level.

2. Automatic Temperature Control

This is one of the features that set the Bradley Smoker apart from other food smokers. You can set your desire temperature to create a no babysitting, no-hassle experience. This allows you to cook your meat low and slow without having to constantly tend to the smoker to make sure you have the right amount of smoke and heat.

3. Automatic Bisquette Feeding/ Conveyor System

The Bradley Smoker is uniquely designed for the Bradley Bisquettes, which are automatically fed onto a plate to create consistent smoke and heat. Our bisquettes come in a wide variety of different hardwoods so you can get the smoke flavor you desire. Also, the Bradley Bisquettes are made 100% pure hardwood sawdust and are free from other additives.

Our bisquettes are an engineering marvel. We take hardwood sawdust and compress it using our secret process for consistent size and density to ensure your temperature and smoke level stay the same no matter how long you smoke. This means you get delicious, smoked foods every time.

After every 20 minutes, a new bisquette moves onto the plate, and the old one pushes off into a water bowl to extinguish. The best part of electric food smokers is that unlike other food smokers, there’s no need to refilling wood and fuss with lighting charcoal.

For instance, you want to smoke chicken; you can set the oven temperature to 240 degrees, cook time to 4 hours, and smoke time to 2 hours. The smoker’s automatic wood bisquette feeding system will then feed the bisquettes for 2 hours. Likewise, the oven will maintain 240 degrees temperature and will turn off after 4 hours.

You can set the desired temperature and cook time, and the Bradley Smoker and Bradley Bisquettes take care of the rest!

Stack of hardwood smoker bisquettes on black rock.

4. Hot And Cold Smoke

The Bradley Smoker offers hot smoke and cold smoke configuration options with the cold smoke adaptor.

Cold smoking is a technique used by people who would like to add that nice flavor of smoke and rich color to their food but do not want to cook it at the same amount of time. For example, you can add the taste of smoke to salmon, bacon, or perhaps cheese, which doesn’t work with a hot smoke process.

The cold smoke adaptor places the wood burner outside of the smokebox, so you can quickly turn your hot smoker into a true cold smoker.

Bradley offers one more option for smoke generation: a Smoke Generator, specifically designed as the smoke powerhouse to make your homemade smoker projects effortless. Now, smoking cheese is easier than ever before.

5. Recipe Upload

Here another exciting feature of the Pro P10 Bradley Smoker. Whether you’re a seasonal warrior or professional chef, the Bradley Cook Tool is a great resource. This new feature allows you to create and upload 50 smoking recipes with ease, using the recipe software.

Here how you can download the Bradley Cook Tool:

1. Go to BradleySmoker.com

2. Download CookTool.zip

3. Extract the “CookTool.zip” file. A new folder will appear.

4. Run the program, and your Bradley Cook Tool is ready to use.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve had other food smokers before, you know how much work it is to tend to the smoker to make sure you’re getting the right amount of heat and smoke for the delicious results we all crave.

The Bradley Smoker and Bradley Bisquettes give you all the tender and juicy flavor of smoked meat without the hassle. Our smoker is truly a set it and forget it approach.

Want to take your food smoking to the next level? Check out more of our Bradley tips and tricks here on our blog.