Smoked Butterflied, Bacon Weave Chicken Recipe

Smoked Butterflied, Bacon Weave Chicken Recipe

Butterflied whole organic chicken, laid flat, covered with woven bacon strips. Then smoke it on a grate in a barrel smoker.


1-4 Lb organic chicken

1 Lb of your favourite flavor bacon





Put chicken on a large cutting board or baking tray. (Remember to wash all utensils and cutting boards before re-using). Wash and rinse the chicken. Let drain and dry with a paper towel.

Place breast down on the tray or cutting board. Using poultry shears or a heavy knife (serrated works well here) and cut through the ribs and hip joints along the backbone through the wings, on both sides. Remove the backbone and save any scraps for stock. (Place scraps in a large baggie in the freezer for a later date.)

Lightly cut the breastplate along its length and then press the chicken flat, breaking the breastplate. Salt and pepper the cavity, turn over and rub the top of the chicken with soft butter. Salt and pepper. Then, assemble woven raw bacon on top to cover. There are numerous internet sites you can visit to get instructions.

Place skin side (bacon side) up on a grill and grate over a medium temp fire in a smoker. (Recommend temp not much lower than 250ºF (121°C) to cook the bacon.) Cover and smoke until the bacon is crispy and dark, and the internal temp of the chicken is 180ºF (82°C).

Remove, tent with foil, rest 30 minutes, and carve.